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She Walks By Night ..Shhh

On his father's order Jason is taken from his lover. When he arrives at his father's mansion he meets Belinda and is instantly attracted to her. Because of his long estrangement to his father Jason is just discovering his father to be a violent person and decides to take Belinda and leave the mansion. But their governess begs them to stay. Complicated events follow all of which are caused by Belinda. Thrilling psychological drama about a runaway coed who enters the lives of father and son further complicate their relationship and later ruin their lives.
  Ssshhh... She Walks by Night (2003) on IMDb


Wanted G.R.O



Bayad Na Katawan

Masarap na pugad

Masarap na pugad (2002) on IMDb

Balahibong Pusa

Hamog Sa Bukang Liwayway

Mga Kalapati sa Gabi

Totoy Mola

He was already different even before he was born. His eccentric mother took fancy on horses during his conception, and this led to his being born with animal appeal. As he grew up, he became the object of people's curiosity. But the moment he became a full grown man, his strange physical endowment turned him into an object of desire. Girls, and even gays, fell under his incredible wild sex appeal, and he got himself a reputation of being a ladies' man. Until he met the woman who woul d change his life forever.

Totoy Mola (1997) on IMDb

Mga Babae Sa Vip Room

X Deal

Sinful Nights

Ligaya: Pantasya ng Bayan

The Virgin Wife


Alipin Ng Tukso

Nang Gabing Malumat si Eba

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